10th Warbirds Over Delaware


Lums Pond State Park in Kirkwood Del. Every year plays Host to Warbirds over Delaware. It always attracts a wide Verity of aircraft from vintage W.W.II to modern jet Fighters. Several unique and one of a kind aircraft attended this year event. Such as Sal Urciuoli's German P208 . Rob van Dermeulen's Henschel 129b, Charlie Kellogg's RC-45 and Bob Chubb's Me-163. Other noted Aircraft included Bob Allen's Bristol Scout, Dave West's Corsair, Adam Lilley's L-19, Scott Bonomo's P-51, Ed Hirshfeld's Folker D-7, Doug Bond's Flybaby, Tim Haggerty's huge Curtis Jenny, Ron Buran's Yak-11, Dave Malchione Jr's turbine powered F-4 Phantom and Curtis Alderman's B-17. Plus a noontime demo by the Hardee's Show Team and some wild in flight footage. If you're into Heavy iron then this is the tape for you. Run time 112 Min.