13th Superman Jet Rally


Metropolis Illinois is the Home of the Superman Jet Rally. This year over 180 pilots registered . Featured Planes on this tape include Jerry Keller's Hunter, Rich Fong's F-100, Dan Topham's F-105, Didi Kramer's turbine powered Cobra Helicopter, Three L-1011's, Bob Pannell's Electric DC-8, Mitch Weiss's Bobcat, Roger Shipley's Euro Firebird, Dan Massey's Twin turbo F-18 and Jason Somes Hotspot. Plus a close-up look at the new JG-100 Turbine and Bob Violett's New F-100F  two-seater. This video covers a wide range Of turbine And ducted fan aircraft. It’s one Super Tape! Run time: 105 Min.