19th Warbirds over Delaware 2010


Held at beautiful Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, this year's event features dozens of warbird pilots for all over the country. Featured pilots include Chuck  Hamilton's BF109, Steve Peckham's ME-110e, Sal Calvagna's Russian Polikarpov I 16, Larry Alles four engine B24 Liberator, Joe Hanson's DH4, Larry Botsford's Lublin R-XIII D, Ken Karpinski's Jenny, Jesse Russell's Pink P-40 Warhawk, Lee Watkins Skyraider and Carl Bachhuber's  C119 Boxcar . . . and many more!

Plus the Warbirds Noon Time Gaggles and demos.

Total approximate running time - DVD 96 minutes. Blu-ray 102 Minutes.

This title is available in Hi Def Blu-ray. 
Blu-ray contains extra features not found on the regular DVD