2003 Superman Jet Rally


The 2003 Superman Jet Rally celebrates their 15th year of Radio Control Jet Action! This year over 150 pilots were in attendance bringing with them a wide variety of incredible scale and sport aircraft. Features on this video include: Jerry Keller and his awesome F-104, Joe Grice and his Hustler, Martin Charbonneau with his F-20 Tiger Shark, David Shulman's King Cat, Roger Shipley's A-10 Warthog, Michael Lederer's Rafale, and Lewis Patton's F-22 and F9F5 Panther. Other featured aircraft include Felipe Nieto's X-File, Pat McCurry's AV8R, Gilles Maurice's F-101 Voodoo and Mike Lesher's F-4 Phantom.

Run Time 105 Minutes.