22nd Warbirds over Delaware 2013


Carl Hauger's Legacy Continues Delaware R/C Club's 22nd Annual Airshow Held at beautiful Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, this year's event once again attracted dozens of warbird pilots from all over the country. Featured pilots for this year include: Jesse Russell's FW190 & P-47, Steve Peckham's Skymaster, Paul LeTourneau's A-10 (Cover), Thomas White's Horton HO-229, Scott Annis  Henschel HS-123, Mark Ward's JU-87 Stuka and Carl Bachhuber brought a Huge Konvair 580 and Lockheed PV-2 Hudson . Plus many more!  We've also included the Warbirds noon-time gaggles and demos! Run time: 103 min.

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