Dawn Patrol 2014


Each year the Mid-Atlantic WWI Dawn Patrol is held at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, VA., where flyers come from across the country to participate in this popular event. The museum houses numerous aircraft from WWI and WWII and this year marks the 100th anniversary of WWI. To honor this occasion the museum flew multiple full scale WWI aircraft, of which we have highlights, along with the models.This years featured modelers include: Dick Pettit's Albatross, Chad Asmus' Sopwith Camel, Rod Gier's D8, Ed Gross' D7, Bill Holland's Nieuport 17, Gotz Vogelsang's 40% Eindecker and Kieth Zimmerly's 50% Standard J1. From DR-1's to D7's and Sopwith Pups, the Dawn Patrol has it all! DVD run time 99 Min. Blu-ray run time 109 Min.

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