DV 122 Electric Flight Master Class


Join a number of modelers on the flight line to look at scratch built scale model planes. Learn about the art of converting designs intended for I/C engines, incorporating scale features and other exciting modifications, such as pioneering sound systems that make models sound fantastically authentic. These models are bigger, more complex and sophisticated than ARTF and show the true scope of electric powered planes.

In this masterclass, you’ll meet a number of modelers, all of them passionate about the true potential of electric powered flight:

• John Ranson has perfected the art of converting designs intended for I/C engines to perform spectacularly well using electric power. As well as incorporating all the scale features you could wish for, he has pioneered the use of electronic sound systems in model aircraft to make his models sound fantastically authentic. 
• Terry Mitchell has developed unique and innovative techniques to produce his show-stopping fleet of V-Bombers, the Vulcan, Valiant and Victor. Made from simple, inexpensive materials, these big and impressive models dominate the skies in just the way their full-sized counterparts did. 
• Cyril Carr’s models include an impressive Bede BD-5, an A-4 Skyhawk and a BAe ‘Red Arrows’ Hawk, but the star of his show is the amazing Space Shuttle. 
• Tim Hooper shows two of his favourite models – a stylish Waco, and a model of one of the Bristol Freighters he once watched from the control tower where his father worked in the 1960’s. 
• Chris Golds needs no introduction, and his skill is amply demonstrated with models of two British jets than never made it beyond prototype stage – the Shorts Sperrin, a ‘reserve’ nuclear bomber in case the Valiant failed, and the beautiful TSR2, sad victim of defense cuts in the 1960’s. Both of these models are available as Traplet plans. 
• Bob Partington uses his stunning Sukhoi SU-35 to describe in great detail the problems to be addressed when designing and building high performance EDF models, and his techniques for solving them.

See for yourself what a little work and imagination can create – this DVD shows you that, with electric powered models, the sky is quite literally the limit.

Running time: approx 45 mins

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