DV115 PlaneTalking


ARTF models are now a huge part of the radio controlled model aircraft
hobby because they are quick and simple to build and very rewarding to
fly and the choice of models available is enormous. But we can all benefit
from the help and advice of the experts, and in this DVD we have two of
the best:Steve Holland is one of the UK’s most prolific builders and flyers
of small, large and giant scale model aircraft. He is renowned for
displaying his mammoth 1/2 scale DH88 Comet, and many others
around the globe, and for TV and film work, and is a member of the
Large Model Association (LMA) where he is actively involved on the
Safety Panel as an Examiner. Steve is also a qualified model flying
instructor with the LMA and British Model Flying Association (BMFA).
In this DVD Steve is ably assisted by Chris Bowler (Assistant Editor
R/C Model World and who has many years experience building and
flying model aircraft and training others to high standards) who,
together, will build and fly two modern ARTF models; a trainer ideal for
the beginner and a sport aerobatic model for the more experienced
and demanding pilot. Along the way they offer a wealth of hints, tips
and expert advice to make sure that your ARTF model is built well,works 
reliably and flies beautifully. So settle back and let Steve and Chris 
show you how to build and fl y the ARTF way.