DV118 Plane Talking From Design to Flight


Farmhand 90 is a scale-looking crop duster style aircraft designed from the outset to be versatile. It’s simple to build from a laser-cut part-kit of ply and balsa parts and is great to fly. It has large flaps and ailerons so it’s highly manoeuvrable and can fly really slowly, and can have multi-role functions including toffee bombing and glider towing. Uniquely there is no plan for this model, nor is one needed - the part-kit includes a detailed construction guide and diagrams that make assembly very straightforward. Farmhand 60 is also available. Almost identical in design and construction, it makes a smaller version of the same model suitable for electric or glow engines. 

Steve takes you step-by-step through the entire construction process, including demonstrating the ingenious interlocking fuselage and wing parts that guarantee a strong and very accurate air frame. Along the way he shares the tips, techniques and know-how that will not only help you build and fly this superb model, but will be invaluable as you approach more advanced projects. 

Whatever your level of experience in model flying, discover the pleasure, satisfaction and sense of achievement to be gained from building and flying your own radio controlled model aircraft with ‘Plane Talking – From Design to Flight’. 

Approx. Running Time: 120 mins