DV120 Electric Flight Intro


Discover why electric is now the power of choice for thousands of pilots of all abilities. This DVD is perfect for beginners, as Editor of Quiet & Electric Flight International Mike Nott guides you through getting started as an electric powered flyer.

Focusing on almost-ready-to-fly and ready-to-fly planes, learn about the basic materials these models are made of, the essential functions of each part and the latest developments in motor technology, not forgetting the necessary information about batteries, speed controllers and radio gear, as well as the all-important servo.

After this introduction to the models, join Mike at the flying field. Here you’ll see electric flight in action and discover how even fairly simple ready-to-fly models can produce top quality performance and maneuverability.

Running time: approx 45 mins 
Look out for the next two parts of the Electric Flight DVD series:

Electric Flight – Advanced Techniques (Ref: DV121) 
Showcasing the models that can be successfully flown using electric power. 
Electric Flight – Masterclass (Ref: DV122) 
Bringing you to the ultimate in electric powered R/C flight.