DV127 Electric Flight Three Pack


In this 3-disc set Mike Nott, editor of Quiet & Electric Flight International, guides you from building and flying basic RTF and ARTF models, through more complicated models to the very pinnacle of electric flight – sophisticated scratch built models. You’ll quickly discover that with electric powered models, the sky is quite literally the limit!

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The three discs take you from an introduction to the world of electric powered flight, to looking at the type of models that you can aspire to once you have gained the experience you need to tackle the sophisticated higher end models that are on the market. Moving from disc to disc, you will also see how you can take your flying experience from basic ready-to-fly models, all the way up to scratch building your own sophisticated scale planes.

Disc 1

Electric Flight – Introduction 
Focusing on ARTF and RTF planes, learn about the basic materials these models are made of as well as their electronics, including the all-important servo. Then at the flying field, see for yourself how even simple models can produce top quality performance.

Disc 2

Electric Flight – Advanced Techniques 
Looking at fast and maneuverable electric ducted fan models and multi-engine planes, learn more about the huge variety of electric powered models you can fly. Here you’ll see several beautiful planes that demonstrate the potential offered by electric power.

Disc 3

Electric Flight – Masterclass 
Take a look at scratch built scale models – these are bigger and more complex than ARTF and show the true scope of electric powered planes. These are scratch built and converted I/C designs that incorporate scale features and other exciting modifications.

Running time: approx 135 minutes