DV129 Introduction to Airbrushing


 Introduction to Airbrushing

It’s easy to add scale realism to your models. Discover how adding artwork using simple and easy to learn airbrushing techniques can help you hugely improve the finish on your models.

This 75-minute guide to airbrushes, presented by Frank McKinney covers the fundamentals of using airbrushes, so that even if you haven’t picked an airbrush up before you will feel very comfortable using one.

Frank demonstrates using an airbrush to paint a boat hull, a car body shell, add a custom paint design to an aircraft engine cowling and a quick and easy way to add realistic weathering effects to a pre-decorated model warbird.

Tutorials include:

    How an airbrush works, and the different types available
    How to choose a suitable airbrush
    Choosing an air supply, hoses and regulators
    The importance of safety and ventilation
    The easy way to thin your paint to the right consistency
    Basic exercises to get used to your airbrush
    Cleaning your airbrush
    Troubleshooting some common faults

Make sure that your model is the talk of the flying field - using these simple airbrush techniques will ensure that your work stands out from the crowd.

DVD running time approx 75 mins. 

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray