DV130 Airbrushing Tiger Moth


Welcome to Project Tiger Moth. Your mission is simple: use your airbrushing skills to apply a scale finish to an RC model of the famous de Havilland trainer.Fortunately, airbrushing expert Frank McKinney is on hand to show you that, by applying some very simple techniques, you'll be able to build up complex, scale-looking paint schemes with your airbrush. By creating a paint scheme that exactly replicates that of Tiger Moth G-AGPK, Frank shows you how easy it is to create a stunning scale finish on any model. Frank shows you how to work step-by-step through each of the processes need to apply the distinctive color scheme worn by this famous, old aircraft, using images of the real G-AGPK as a reference.Created for modelers who are looking to build up their skill levels when handling an airbrush, this 70 minute-long program takes you through the project logically from preparing the bare wood and plastic to adding that last decal.There's a FREE photo reference DVD containing 60 detailed images of of the Tiger Moth G-AGPK to help get you started. Plus you'll find all of the decals that Frank uses in the DVD as an image file on the disc, ready for you to print them off and use.All that's left to do is say congratulations on completing Project Tiger Moth! It's now time to hit the flying field to show off your scale perfect model and, of course, your brand new airbrush painting skills!

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray