DV133 Airbrushing Scale Models


In Airbrushing Techniques - Scale Models, Frank McKinney shows how the skilfull and
imaginative use of airbrush and paints can create a world of subtle and varied finishes
on all types of scale model. His step-by-step guide includes preparation, planning
and the innovative use of sometimes surprising equipment and materials to arrive at a
finish to be proud of.In this fascinating program you’ll discover just how effective, yet simple and easy-to learn the techniques demonstrated can be, and how you’ll be able to combine and adapt them to give your scale models a fantastic finish.

Tutorials include:
• Trimming and sanding molding imperfections
• Safely decanting aerosol paints for use in your airbrush
• Creating a showroom finish on a model car
• Techniques to create a worn, rusty and damaged finish on that same model car
• Applying panel lining and camouflage to a military aircraft
• Giving that ‘lived-in’ look to a mode lmain battle tank using panel lining and
  post tinting techniques
• Using an airbrush to paint the intricate shapes of a model truck chassis.

Running time: 104 mins

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray