DV231 HeliTeach- From the ground up


This DVD finds RC helicopter expert Dave Wilshere out at the flying field
where the real fun starts! By following through the techniques shown here,
you’ll soon be operating your model helicopter safely and confidently.
Beginning with the pre-flight checks necessary to make sure the model is
ready to fl y, then fitting a simple training aid that will protect the model
from damage during its first training flights, it’s soon time to take to the
air for your first time as an RC helicopter pilot.
Dave’s simple step-by-step approach is a safe, effective and rewarding way
to learn how to fl y RC helicopters, from those first tentative hops to learn the
effects of the controls, to sustained on-the-spot hovering. As confidence
and experience grow you’ll learn how to move and rotate the helicopter,
and how you need to get used to viewing the model from different
perspectives. There’s a particularly useful sequence during which you can
see Dave’s control inputs on the transmitter and the effect they have on the
model. Finally, after showing how to adjust the engine fuel mixture to give
optimum performance, Dave runs through the essential maintenance checks
needed to keep your model flying reliably.
Following on from HeliTeach - An Introduction to RC Helicopters, where
Dave assembled and test-flew a glow engine powered RC model helicopter,

this DVD guides you safely and confidently on your way to the next
program in the series, where we remove the training aid and go Beyond
the Hover.
Running Time: 65 mins

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray