DV232 Beyond the Hover


Before we get airborne, Dave runs through the essential checks and adjustments needed to make your model’s engine ready for aerobatic maneuvers. These include adjusting the throttle curve to maintain constant engine RPM while climbing and descending, and a brief tutorial on the 'idle-up' throttle curve needed while the rotor blades are in negative pitch.

Then it’s time to take to the air! Dave shows you how to practice hovering circles, nose-in flight, lazy 8's and fly ever-larger circuits. Then once you’ve built up your confidence it’s time to try out some stall-turns, Chandelles, loops and rolls.

This program will help you learn the techniques needed to progress safely and confidently toward the more advanced aerobatic maneuvers you’ll discover in the next DVD in the series: HeliTeach - Towards 3D.Running time : 60 mins

Available in Blu-ray.