DV237 Multirotor


Multi-rotors are the fastest growing area of RC flying today, with everything from small indoor fun-machines to large professional quality models easily available. Expert multi-rotor pilot Denis Stretton is your guide to this fascinating world, as he shows what’s available, what their capabilities are and how to fl y them safely and responsibly. Subjects discussed include:

•The principles of multi-rotor control systems, safety and the law.
•The work of ARPAS - Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.
•An overview of camera mounting, stabilization, control and monitoring systems.
•The use of GPS and auto-fl ight systems to control multi-rotors.
•Beginners and fun-fl y models such as the La Trax Alias, Blade 200QX and InvertiX
•Intermediate camera-carrying types, including the Blade 350QX, Phantom II and Parrot AR Drone.
•Professional camera platforms used in TV and film production such as the DJI Spreading Wings S800 and S1000.

Their amazing capabilities as camera platforms are what attracts many to multirotors, and this absorbing video includes many samples of the results that can be obtained, including some stunning examples of commercial aerial cinematography by kind permission of The Helicopter Girls. So join Denis in World of Multi-Rotors - Getting Started for your introduction to this enthralling and exciting new branch of radio controlled aviation.

Run time 65 Min.

Available in Hi-Def Blu-Ray