DV330 Jet Pilot


World-famous jet pilot Ali Machinchy presents this fantastic DVD - a must for anyone interested in taking up the exciting hobby of flying turbine powered model aircraft. 
Ali has been flying jet powered model aircraft from the age of 18. Over the past decade his work within the hobby industry has taken him across the globe where he has performed thousands of demonstration and competitive jet flights in all four continents. We think it would be fair to say that he is one of the most experienced jet flyers in the world, with stick time on all types of turbine aircraft from sport/trainer jets right up to huge multi-turbine scale models. His trophy collection includes over two dozen accolades for his turbine flying at events such as Top Gun UK (twice Overall Winner), Top Gun USA (Best Jet Performance 2007) and Jets Over Pampa (twice Overall Winner). In this DVD, Ali starts with the basics and discusses choosing the best model for learning to fly jets and explains how to prepare the model for flight, including the installation of the turbine, radio equipment, fuel & air systems, electrical systems and other essential components. He finishes with an overview of the turbine installation and how to avoid common problems. Moving out on to the flying field, Ali discusses the many considerations when choosing a flying site, and the legal and safety requirements that you must bear in mind. Then it’s time to start the turbine and get airborne, where Ali shows how your transition to jet powered flight can be confident, safe and rewarding. He shows how to master a few basic techniques in turbine control and energy management, and following some general handling, demonstrations of high and low speed flight, use of flaps and control rates and a few basic aerobatic manoeuvres, Ali describes how to cope with engine and landing gear failures to get your model back on the ground safely. Filmed in widescreen, this DVD is the ideal companion to anyone considering the ultimate in R/C flying – becoming a Jet Pilot! Run time: 80 minutes approx