DV332 Jet Pilot Scale Jets


For many, flying a gas turbine powered scale model is the ultimate in RC aviation, and if that’s your goal there could be no finer way to get the right advice than to talk it over with Ali Machinchy - one of the worlds’ top RC jet display pilots. Here’s your chance, as in his third video on flying turbine powered model aircraft Ali shares his vast experience of flying these exciting models. If you think you’ve got what it takes to compete in FAI or IJMC competitions, you’re in even more luck, as Chief Judge David Tappin is on hand to help you understand what the judges are looking for and how to impress them. Subjects discussed include: 


The flight characteristics of different types of scale model

Choosing the right model for you

Scale speeds and roll rates

Judging scale manoeuvers

Static Judging and documentation

The importance of pre-flight systems checks

Freestyle display flights, including one with a camera on the transmitter

IJMC flight manoeuvers - right & wrong

Frequently asked questions


There are so many reasons why scale jets are so impressive; the sound, the smell, the detail and the incredible realism that can be achieved. Jet models are not for beginners, but there can be powerful personal reasons for wanting to own a particular model jet. Perhaps you just like the shape of the Hawker Hunter, or F-16’s operate from an airbase near you, or a relative once flew Mirages. There’s a huge range available, and whatever your own reasons for wanting to fly one of these superb models, with Ali & David’s help you’ll make the right decisions on what to buy and understand how to fly it in a realistic and enjoyable way.

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray