DV338 Purejet Jet Engines


Since his first training sortie in an RAF Jet Provost, David Gladwin has amassed thousands of
hours of turbine time on military, civilian and model jet powered aircraft. In this DVD, David goes beneath the skin of a modern model aircraft gas turbine to show just how these sophisticated and powerful engines work, how to obtain the best possible performance and reliability, and how to operate them safely.
A must for anyone interested in these fascinating engines, this DVD includes:
* The first of the jet engines
* The principles of jet engine operation
* The origins of model aircraft jet engines
* A look inside a modern model aircraft jet engine
* Fuel and lubrication for gas turbine engines
* Basic gas turbine operation
* Safety for gas turbine operations
Whether you already own a turbine, are planning to buy one, or are simply enthralled
by the sight, sound and smell of turbine powered model aircraft, this DVD will take
your understanding and appreciation of these iconic engines to a new level.

Run Time : 90 Min.