DV340 Jet Generations


Take a walk through the National Museum of the USAF with pilot and skilled R/C Modeler Dave Gladwin, as he discusses the advancements in jet technology  right from the 1st generation during the WW2 period, all the way to the latest stealth jets.

With over 400 exhibits, the National Museum of the USAF is a magnificent collection of rare, historic and iconic aircraft. Certainly it fires the interest of jet pilot, long-time aviation enthusiast and skilled R/C modeler David Gladwin. In Jet Generations he looks at the design and performance of some of the fascinating jets on display, and discusses how suitable they are as subjects for the RC jet modeler.

1st Generation - The Early Jets Jet fighters first flew during WWII, and by the outbreak of the Korean War almost all front line fighter aircraft were jets.

2nd Generation - Going Supersonic 
As the Cold War took hold, supersonic interceptors were developed to attack nuclear bombers using the first air-air missiles.

3rd Generation - Air Superiority & Ground Attack 
With bombers replaced by ICBMs, the need was to gain air superiority over the battlefield and to attack ground targets.

4th Generation - Multi-Role 
Advanced avionics and weapons systems enable an aircraft to quickly switch between air-air and air-ground missions.

5th Generation - Stealth 
Hugely expensive and few in number, these aircraft rely on stealth technology to survive and very advanced avionics and weapons systems to carry out their missions. The famous F-86 Sabre, the mighty F-4 Phantom, the Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird, the invisible B-2 Spirit, the $150 million F-22 Raptor  these and many more fascinating jets cannot fail to stir aviation enthusiasts and RC modelers everywhere. Includes a bonus gallery of over 60 superb photographs of aircraft on display in the museum. Total running time: 88 minutes 

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