DV505 Hoverpower


Presented by Tony Middleton & Fran Oakey, this is the essential guide for all hovercraft enthusiasts. Including a short history of hovercraft and the basics of how they work, as well as a look at some successful models and their development, this guide covers all aspects of these fascinating craft.

Topics covered include: 
o Everything you need to know about designing an R/C model hovercraft, from size, scale and weight, to the reference material that you could use for your design.
o Hull - Materials, Construction and Waterproofing.
o Creating the air cushion - all you need to know, from fan and propeller design and performance, to skirt designs and under the hull air flow.
o Thrust & Steering.
o Radio control.
o Operation, including trimming and rectifying performance problems.
o Modelling subjects.
o A visit to Griffon Hovercraft, whose full size machines operate throughout the world.