Florida Jets 2008


Held at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida, this event features all your
favorite teams and the hottest pilots from around the globe...Watch the flight of Jason Somes beautiful Tiger-striped F-16 and follow along with Jed Jacobsen as he flies his YF-22... Enjoy the expert piloting of Thomas Glessner as he puts Robert Levine's green Lightning through its paces and witness the incredible aerobatics of Luke Martinez ,customized Storm-Cat! Feel the excitement of Desert Storm come to life as you watch Craig Gottschang bear down with his gray camo A-10 Warthog and watch Russell Giordano get in on the action with his splendid F-18 Hornet. SKS has also captured the thrilling unveiling of the brand new Comp ARF A-4 Skyhawk, with Andreas Gietz, featuring their amazingly accurate landing gear mechanisms. Finally, take a ride on the huge Cessna Citation CJ2 piloted by Ali Machinchi, with footage from on-board cameras during the flight! Your ticket to great R/C Jet excitement is right here... So what are you waiting for ?  TRT: 105 min.