Florida Jets 2012


The Largest Gathering of R/C Jets in the World! Held once again at Lakeland Linder Airport in Lakeland, Florida, this event continues to bring together the hottest pilots and planes from around the globe.
This years show featured many for the top pilots demonstrating the latest in jet technology.  Dustin Buescher flew the new Skymaster F9f Couger, Henry Castellanos flew his Aviation Design Scorpion and new Modellbau Tornado sport, Alberto Enriguez had a F-86D Saber Dog model, Jorge Escalona burned up the sky's with his twin turbine CARF Mig 29, while Chuck Storrie made strafing runs with his Mibo A-10 and for the electric fans we have David Payne demonstrating the new Horizon Mig 15 foamie and Ali Machinchy flying the newly redesigned BVM Mig 15 EDF. Plus we strapped our camera on to Joey Tamez's Shockwave for some wild in flight footage. Other featured pilots include :  Rei Gonzalez flying a twin electric BVM F-4 and a Skymaster Hawk 100 ( Cover ), Kim Foster and Peter Harasiewicz both had the large scale Futuras and Ali Machinchy and Graeme Mears debuted there T-33 Top Gun team entry. Total Running Time:  99 min. Blu-ray  111 min. 

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray 

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