Florida Jets 2015


Florida Jets was once again held at Lakeland Linder Airport in Lakeland, Florida, and continues to be the top jet shows in the country.
This year's show features many of the top jet pilots and planes from around the globe. David Shulman debuts the new Aviation Design Diamond while Anthony Greco shows off his scratch built Honda Jet. Bob Fiorenze flies his swing winged twin turbined F-14 Tomcat and Ali Machinchy burns up the skies with his new F-104. Bob Pannell brought his scratch built twin EDF powered DC 10 and Pablo Fernandez shows us the new Rebel Pro. Other featured planes include: Rich Millers new Dolphin "S", Randy Clark's YAK 130, Jed Jacobsen's F-5 and Timothy Len's A-4 Blue Angel, and several Viperjets. Plus, we have in-flight footage from five different aircraft!  Total Running Time: DVD 93 min. Blu-ray  111 min.

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray

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