IRCHA Heli Jamboree 2013


IRCHA Heli Jamboree the LARGEST Heli event in the WORLD! Held at the AMA National Flying site in Muncie Indiana, this years IRCHA had over 1130 registered pilots! SKS brings you the most comprehensive coverage of this event with footage of The One Competition, Speed Runs, Night flying and Awards. We also go back into vendors row to bring you the latest What's HOT products at this years show. This years event attracted some of the hottest 3D pilots and scale helis from around the world. Featured pilots include: Paul Holland and his OH6a Cayuse, Jacob D'Anna with the new Rush 750. From France Jonathan Bossion demos the Gaui X7, Jordan Martin flies a pair of Goblins, Sandy Jaffe's turbine powered Lama, Stan Kopreski's AH1 Cobra, from Korea Jae Hong Li's Agile 5.5 and Comedian Jeff Dunham flies the new Blade 700X. Plus, we include some of the wildest noon demos you'll ever see!  Total Run time: DVD 100 min. Blu-ray 112 Min.

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