Keystone Indoor Electric Fly 2010


The Keystone Indoor Electric Fly or KIEF is hosted by the Muncie Indoor Flyers and held at the Generation Sports Complex Dome, in Muncie, Pennsylvania  the largest inflatable dome in the United States. Showing was a wide variety of aircraft from 3-D to scale, park flyers, and micro-miniature aircraft. This event is also the largest gathering of micro aircraft in the United States featuring the top micro designers from around the world. Micro aircraft from just a few grams to a sub-micro Ornithopter weighing in at under a gram were in attendance. 
Additionally, there was a noon demo featuring top 3-D pilots, helicopters, stick-built planes and jets as well as a combat competition and indoor night fly. Featured pilots include Joe Hower with his Aeronca 3 chief, Martin Newell's B-25, Ken Carchietta's 1913 Dunne D8,  Peter Sripol's custom VTOL, Ralph Bradley's Jet Mite, Mark Stermer's six engine B-36, Mike Voicheck's Autogyro, and many more! Total Running Time approximately 99 minutes. Blu-Ray 113 Minutes .

This title is available in Hi Def Blu-ray. 
Blu-ray contains extra features not found on the regular DVD