Monster Planes USA 2009


Monster Planes USA is the first US event held just for the biggest R/C airplanes that dare to fly! Over 85 pilots and 2500 spectators came from all over the US & Canada to attend this annual event in the Florida sun. Held at Lake Wales, FL, this event boasts over 3000 feet of paved runway, offering plenty of room for even the largest models to take off. Highlights include: Gene Payson's Half Scale Super Decathlon; Steve Thomas Jenny; Jorge DelRay's 50% Cessna 182; Bill Hatcher's Ultra Shock Jet; Carl Bachhuber's Six engine B-36 and four engine Constellation and don't miss Len Bechtold's 3/4 scale man carrying Mustang. Also, Mac Hodges wows the croud with his new large scale B-29/X1 demo ! From jets to Jennys this event has it all, so get ready for one monster of a show! Total running time: DVD 96 min. Blu-Ray 100 Min.

This title is available in Hi Def Blu-ray. 
Blu-ray contains extra features not found on the regular DVD 
Blu-ray Run time 100 Min.