Monster Planes USA 2012


Monster Planes USA is the first US event held just for the biggest R/C airplanes that dare to fly! Pilots and spectators come from all over the US & Canada to attend this annual event in the Florida sun. Held at Lakeland/Linder airport in Lakeland, FL, this event was flown on it's own specially prepared runway at the airport. Highlights include: Robert Currys Fleet Biplane, Brian O'Mearas Big P-47, Rei Gonzalezs F4, Arnold Marcus F8f Bearcat, Randy Williams AI Biplane, Ed Buchholzs P39, Ray Prossens Rotorary engine Waco and Rich Uravitchs OV10 Bronco. From Bearcats to Biplanes this event has it all, so get ready for one monster of a show!

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