Neat Fair 2006


Every year R/C pilots from around the nation gather together at a quiet little campground deep in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  The Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology Fair (NEAT for short) is one of the country's premiere R/C electric aircraft events.  This year there were many great achievements made in modeling history.  Keith Shaw modeled two exquisite aircrafts - the Bugatti and the Czechmate - both of which are modeling masterpieces.  Steven Stratt built an incredibly scale Fokker D8 which flew gracefully against the hillside and the antics of T-Rexx Helicopters were performed by John Willis and Eric Gray - showing how electric helicopter flight has evolved through the years.  Witness the record breaking flight piloted by Martin Newell - an R/C airplane weighing in under 1 gram!  Everything from Auto Gyro's to Flying Lampshade's rounds off this years production.  Run Time 96 minutes.