NEAT Fair 2007


The Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology Fair (NEAT for short) is one of the country’s premiere R/C electric aircraft events.This years event attracted some of the top pilots and companies in the industry and was the largest to date.. Features include :Jason Cole’s all foam A-4 Skyhawk, Mike Hines Tigermoth, Azarr’s mid-engined Sumo, Paul Weigard’s Mystery Ship, Pete Foss’s Flying Boat, Alfred Fusco’s aerobatic Kulbutin and Greg Covey’s scale sounding P-51. Get a birds eye view of the show from David Baron’s Turnbuckle with our on board camera . Then go inside to see some of the smallest R/C aircraft in the world. Inside features include: Matt Keenan’s twin engined Meteor, Robert Guillot’s G-Buco and Stew Meyers seven winged Heptaplane. Plus Petter Muren demonstrates his micro Ornothopter and the “Pico” the world’s smallest R/C helicopter. Run Time 106 Minutes.