NEAT Fair 2011


NEAT Fair is held at the Peaceful Valley Campsite buried deep in the Catskills of New York. The flight line includes separate heli and park flyer areas, as well as six Center stations for the main event. This year we  take a  look at a wide verity of electric flying as well as our coverage of the latest in electric R/C products.  Highlights include Mike Gross’ Albatros, Paul Weigand’s Culver Dart, Richard Landis large scale Folker Triplane, Alfred Fusco’s Yak 30, Michael Krug’s Beaufighter, Jim Reith’s Twin Gremlin, Zeke Brubaker’s Hughes XF-11 prototype and Brian Eberwein’s Hyperbipe (cover), plus don’t miss the Warbird Gaggle, or the Indoor and Night Flying! Indoor features include: Stew Meyers Rogalo, Jin Choe’s Cessna C34 and Pete Foss’ Flash. DVD Run Time 100 Min. Blu-ray 107 Min.

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray
Blu-ray version contains bonus footage not found on the regular DVD.