RC Flight School Vol. 1


Welcome to the first volume of the R/C Flight School Series. This series has been designed to introduce the viewer to the many facets of Radio Control Model Aviation.Volume 1, Getting Started, is aimed at the beginner who would like to get into R/C flying but doesn’t quite know where to start.Your host, Dave Patrick, well-known TOC competitor and owner of Dave Patrick Models,will simplify the learning process for you, allowing you to enjoy a flyable airplane in a short amount of time with a minimum of effort.Dave shows you the easy way of getting started. You’ll see what’s in the box and how all the components go together.To bring the presentation to a close, Dave shows you some of the more advanced maneuvers that training aircraft can do. If you ever wanted to fly Radio Control model airplanes this program will help you become airborne in the shortest time possible. Run Time 72 min.