SEFF 2006


The 2006 Southeast Electric Flight Festival brought together hundreds of pilots for a blockbuster weekend of flying.  This year at SEFF we selected some very unique aircraft which captured the attention of many modelers at Mac Hodges airfield.  Scale aircraft, such as Dave Blum's OV-10 Bronco and Dick Scott's DH-2 stole the show with their incredible scale flight performances.  Aerobatic displays were given by Quique Somenzini flying his Brio, along with the flying antics of Mike Fullers flying Tide Boat. Darrell Sprayberry entertained the crowd with his ultra scale Huey and Chris Hinson flew his award winning Yak 54.  Concept planes such as the Canard by Charles Sully and the Geobat by Mark Murdock provided loads of enjoyment for the crowd in addition to some of the latest incredible electric creations at this years SEFF.  Run Time 94 Minutes