SEFF 2007


Welcome to the 2007 Southeast Electric Flight Festival.  With beautiful weather the entire weekend, hundreds of pilots from across the nation and from around the world came together at Mac Hodges airfield in Americus, Georgia to enjoy the allure of electric flight.  As new technologies develop in the R/C world and  building with lightweight materials becomes more refined and common, more and more striking models appear on the airshow circuit.  Award winning Keith Sparks brought a fleet of aircraft with him including a C-130 and an OV-1 Mohawk, each built from foam and meticulously built to scale.  Electric Jets have taken a grip in the R/C world as well, with new outstanding designs from BVM, and 3D is plentiful too - along with rocking Helicopters, Warbirds, and even Airliners.  Run Time 97 Minutes