SEFF 2013


Mac Hodges Airfield in Americus, Georgia, is the home of the premier outdoor electric event in the country. This year's show featured a wide variety of aircraft from around the country. Featured aircraft include: Jason Coles P-47, Chris DeGraaffs Large all foam 747, Peter Sripols amazing VTOL Trimera, Neal Davis's 3D Quadcopter, Chris Blakes flying Super Mario Cart,Mike Fullers Hydroplane, Ryan Smith demos the new Splendor and Mike Stott shows off the new Sig "T" Clips. From hordes of vendors to gaggles of warbirds,Float planes and even Night Bowling, this show has it all! Total running time approx: Std DVD 103 min. BR 113 min.

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray

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