14th Superman Jet Rally 2002


Metropolis Illinois is the site of the 2002 Superman Jet Rally and this year over 190 pilots were in attendance bringing with them over 300 aircraft! Featured planes on this video include: Bob Oliva's Eurofighter, Joe Grice's Firebird, Sam Snyder's Swallow, Joe McBride's F-104, Ad Clark's F-4b, Shailesh Patel's Big F-86, Bob Bush's F-100d, Scott Harris' MB-339, Rod Snyder's Lear 35a and Keith Yates' Talon. Other featured aircraft include a ME-262, Top Cat, Blade, Spectre, Mig-15, Boomerang, F-20 and Merlyn Graves huge four engine Vulcan 558. This video covers a wide range of turbine and ducted fan aircraft. Run time: 103 Min.