17th Warbirds over Del. 2008


Held at beautiful Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, this year's event was blessed with an abundance of clear sunny skies and BIG Warbird displays. Featured pilots include Paul LeTourneau and his C-46 Commando (cover photo), Carl Bachhuber with his huge C-124 Globe Master II, David Wigley's unusual Westland Wyvernwith twin, counter-rotating propellers and Robert Van DerMeulen's spectacular Hawker Hurricane.Equally awesome flights include Keith Zimmerly's Avro 504c, Tom Hernandez's Japanese Zero, Roger Spoor's Fokke-Wolf FW190, Andrew Benjamin's KI-84 Gale (AKA Frank) . . . and many more! Plus Bonus Mac Hodges B29/X1 Demo! Total approximate running time - 105 minutes.