20th Warbirds over Delaware 2011


Held at beautiful Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, this year’s event features dozens of warbird pilots for all over the country. This years featured pilots include : Paul Letourneau's Martin B-26 Maruader, Mike Gross's P-47, Nick Zirloi with his new Spitfire, Kieth Zimmerly's large Nieuport 11 ( Cover ), Andrew Benjamin's Bearcat, Wayne Morris's P 38 , John Kohler's P-40 and Jerry McCallum's Huge 45% Sopwith Pup . . . and many more! Plus the Warbirds Noon Time Gaggles and demos. Run times - DVD 100 minutes. Blu-ray 106 Minutes.

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray
Blu-ray version contains bonus footage not found on the regular DVD.