22nd Joe Nall 2004


Welcome to Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, South Carolina and our 6th consecutive year of covering the largest Fly-In in the world.  2004 saw 500 registered pilots with more than 600 gorgeous model aircraft. There were 5 flight lines with 5 or 6 models waiting to fly at each one.  The action lasted all week, from early morning until nightfall.  In addition to the model action we were again entertained by 3 different full-size air show presentations: Matt Chapman surprised us with the debut of a brand new paint scheme on his CAP 580; Mike Mancuso and his Extra 300L were there and; Fred Johnson and Mark Hanley brought their AT-6’s for some fantastic formation flying.  In addition to all the action, you’ll get to join us for the biggest barbeque in the modeling world which fed 1200 hungry modelers and their families this year. 
The producers of this program would like to thank Pat and Mary Lou Hartness, Kirby McKinney, Mike Gregory and Bob Sadler, as well as all the members of the Confederate Air Farce for their assistance during the shooting of this program.

If you only buy one event program this year, this is the one!

Run Time:110 Minutes