D.O.G.S Fly - In 2003


Held every year at the United States Air Force  Museum, the D.O.G.S. Fly-In brings out some of the best Giant Scale aircraft from all parts of the country. Featured pilots include Scott Russell with his  awesome GeeBee R2 and Don Albright with his  enormous 100 pound B-29.  Also in attendance was Mike Clemmens who brought his 50% Extra, Jim Gibboney with his F6F Hellcat, Duane Hoff flew  his Typhoon and Frank Noll Jr. took to the skies  with his P-38 Lightning.  Warbirds fill the skies during the noon show along with a Torque Roll  contest and a jet demonstration by Dave Ribbe,  Lewis Patton and Jeff Holsinger.

Run Time: 100 Minutes