DV132 Magic of Soaring


Magic of Soaring - Flat Field Thermal Soaring


One of the UK’s top F3J RC soaring pilots, Neil Jones has competed successfully in international events all over the world, but in this video he returns to his club site at Fish Meadow near Malvern to share his expertise and enthusiasm for the sport of flat field thermal soaring.


Success in flat field thermal soaring lies not just about having an expensive competition model such as Neil’s state-of-art Maxa, since there are many low-cost and self-built models that will perform beautifully in the right conditions. It is in the ability to closely observe the signs in nature - from wind shifts and temperature changes to the behavior of insects and birds - that show where thermal lift is, then knowing how to harness it’s energy to make your model climb. With Neil’s help you’ll learn about:


Control settings for the different phases of a soaring flight

The use of ballast to improve performance

Understanding the nature of thermal lift

Physical features on the ground that are likely to trigger thermal lift

Sensing the right moment to hand-launch

Setting up and using bungees and winches to launch the model higher

Detecting when the model is in rising air, and how to stay in it

The increasing popularity of electric powered ‘self-launch’ models


Whether you have ambitions to enter the competitive world of F3J championships, or are simply looking for a low-cost, relaxing and rewarding way of flying RC models, this video is packed with the information, tips and expertise that will unlock the beauty of flat field thermal soaring.

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray