DV234 Electric Helicopters


They’re clean, they’re quiet, there’s a great choice of size, power  and capability, and they’ve revolutionized the world of RC model helicopters! So whether you’re looking to move from IC-powered models or are buying your very first helicopter, in this DVD Dave Wilshere provides all the information you need to choose a suitable electric-powered radio control helicopter. Looking at a variety of models, Dave surveys the technical capabilities of the current breed of electric RC helicopters, paying especial attention to answering questions that any novice may ask. Subjects he covers include how a brush-less motor works, what a speed controller does and how to use LiPo batteries. Dave also discusses the different types of battery charger available as well as safe storage charging, handling, charging and storage of batteries. Out on the flying field, Dave explains the unique set up requirements that electric RC models have, detailing information on transporting and managing batteries, checking the charge in the battery, installing and securing batteries and setting up power curves on the transmitter. Just before the credits roll, Dave gives you a demonstration of the sort of flying electric-powered models are capable of – proving once again why so many pilots nowadays are choosing electric-power for their RC helicopters.

Available in Hi Def Blu-Ray