DV333 Purejet Jets over Pampa


Expertly hosted by the Pampa Modelfighters Club at their superb flying site on a Belgian Air Force bombing range, Jets Over Pampa is a hugely popular annual model jet airshow. The show attracts a gathering pilots and their models from all over Europe, and with the emphasis on entertainment, it also draws an enthusiastic audience of local families who thoroughly enjoy the top-quality models, fantastic flying and friendly atmosphere. On this, the 25th anniversary of the event, highlights included some superb formation aerobatics by the Al¹s Hobbies Display Team, stunning high speed passes by Bennie van de Goor, and Frank Schröder¹s Me262 with its super-realistic machine-gun sound effects. There was even a visit by a flight of Belgian Air Force F-16¹s! Jets Over Pampa is the perfect mix of jet modelling excellence and pure entertainment. Run Time 60 Min.