Joe Nall 2002


Welcome to the 20th Joe Nall Scale Fly-In. For the 4th year in a row SKS and Propwash Video have pooled their talents to bring you the highlights of this one-of-a-kind event from the Triple Tree Aerodrome near Woodruff, South Carolina. The 2002 Joe Nall saw over 530 registered pilots with flying activity lasting well into the evening. Noontime entertainment included a full-size air show featuring precision aerobatics by Matt Chapman and his CAP 231. Our program features a good cross section of the models which were flown over the weekend. You'll meet many of the pilots as they tell you about their airplanes, see the detail of their work in the close-up shots and enjoy the flying action recorded for you by the 2 top videographers in R/C Aviation. There are also some great aerial sequences captured by our Helicopter mounted on-board camera. To bring the 20th Joe Nall to a close you'll join us for the biggest barbecue in the modeling world. Run Time: 112 Min.