La Ferte 2004


Extreme Giant Scale from Europe!
For those of you not familiar with this event, it’s the annual get-together of IMAA Europe to host the largest model airplanes in the world….and we do mean large!  La Ferté takes place at the Cernie Aerodrome approximately 15 miles south of Paris.  This year Propwash Video was there again and we captured some fantastic airplanes for your viewing pleasure.  Our program features 28 one-of-a-kind models ranging from 40 to 748 pounds each.  In addition to old favorites like the 325 pound TWA Super Constellation and the half scale  ME-109, we have numerous new aircraft featured; to name a few, there’s a half scale Nieuport 28, a 163 pound ME-262, one-third scale F-86, a 85% Pitts S1, a 46% Bristol Bulldog and a 293 pound B-52 Bomber powered by 8 turbines.  We’ll even take you on a side trip to Switzerland for the debut of the heaviest model airplane in the world-a 748 pound half scale Aerocommander Shrike!  Many of the flights include breathtaking aerial footage from on-board camera systems.   We’ve also included several in-depth interviews giving you the opportunity to meet some of Europe’s  top builders.  If you want to see the largest model airplanes in the world, this one’s for you!   111 Minutes.