Neat Fair 2014


NEAT Fair is held at the Peaceful Valley Campsite buried deep in the Catskills of New York. The flight line includes separate heli and park flyer areas, as well as six center stations for the main event. We take a look at a wide verity of electric flying as well as covering the latest in electric R/C products at the fair.Featured highlights include: Adam Woodworth's AV8 Harrier, Alan Mostek's DO-335 Pusher Puller, and Dan Landis flies two aircraft - the new Sequence 120 and a Zero. Michael Warren flies his Snoopy Dog House while David Baron burns up the skies with the new Super Viper Jet. Pete Foss flies his Bat Wing and Michael Fusco demos his Cessna 195. Wayne Roberts shows us his new T-15 and Gary Wright performs 3D maneuvers with the new Raptor E700. You also won't want to  miss the Warbird Gaggle, the Indoor flying nor the Night Flying! Total Running Time: 105 min.

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