Rally of the Giants 2002


This year's Rally was held at the AMA National Flying site in Muncie In. The aircraft that attended this years show were nothing short of spectacular. Dozens of scale and aerobatic aircraft took to the Skies for this 4 day event. Some of the many Featured planes on this video include : Merlyn Graves' B-25, Dave Chew's P-38, David Boldt's Super Cub, Leroy Brandt's Laser 200, Carl Bachhuber's large Mohawk , Doug Brindle's Edge 540, Jim Gibboney's F6f Hellcat, Timothy Mills' Extra 330L, Tim Johnson's Cessna 310, Vince Maryanski's Stuka, Miles Reed's Challenger 2 , J.C. Woll's "Mr. Mulligan", Stephen Gerish's Liberty Sport and Jim Greenly's SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber. Run Time: 104 Min.