Skymasters Float Fly 2008


Captured in widescreen quality for your big screen enjoyment is the midwest’s best float fly! Held at the Island Lake Recreation Area in Brighton, Michigan, the coverage of this year’s 18th annual event includes over 22 features.  See Laddie Mikulasko’s streamlined Shearwater prototype, watch John Pearce fly his Nick Ziroli designed Swooze, follow along with Mike Cisler as he struts his vintage Tauibe, enjoy Al Mrock showing off his highly detailed Loenig. You also won’t want to miss Richard Marshak’s Speedster, David Shea’s Black Magic or Chris Hass’ Seawind . . . and many more! Bonus slide show included and special in-flight footage of Jeff Landis’ Phaeton! Total approximate running time - 95 minutes.