Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2010


Mac Hodges® Airfield in Americus, GA. is the home of the premier outdoor electric event in the country. This year,s show featured a wide variety of aircraft from around the country. Featured aircraft include: Arron Bates Vyper, Joshua Young's Extra 330,Bobby Baker's Spin machine the "Sho off", Matthew Klos Cessna O2a and Fahim Ahmed's WOW Planes Typhoon and Hurricane. Many new products were introduced at the show including Horizon's new Extra 300 and LR-1a. Plus Hobby Lobby's new  F-86, Mig 21 and Eurofighter with twin thrust vectoring tail nozzles. In addition to the conventional aircraft there were some unusual ones too, like Larry Towners Mercuryman, Chris DeGraaff's flying Shark, John Fernandez's Tricopter and Damon Atwood's Emmaselle. Plus some really cool in flight footage of the show.From hordes of vendors to gaggles of warbirds and noon demos ,this show has it all. Total running time approx: 98 min.

This title is available in Hi Def Blu-ray. 
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Blu-ray Run time 108 Min.